Tutorial : How to paint your fencing mask (simple version  : 1 color)

Introduction :

Whether we want to distract an opponent or simply differentiate its equipment, customization of the mask is a growing trend. First seen in modern fencing, it was been early adopted by HEMA community. We hope that this detailled tutorial will help you create a lasting and successful customization of your equipment.

Note: this article explains how to paint a fencing mask with a monochrome pattern by using a stencil. If you are looking for a complex painting with many colors, please look here.

What you need :

• A (felt) pen
• 2 sheets A4
• Paint masking tape
• Spray paint 
• Cutter (extra: cissors)
• Your fencing mask
• Some inspiration ^^

1. Preparation

First, you should find inspiration and then replicate the pattern on paper.

Don't forget that you mask is dome shapped, so you will have to adjust your drawing.

Also, be sure that the drawing is suitable for a stencil (2 colors well demarcated without color shade).

2. Stencil creation

Place the ribbon mask in two layers, one vertical and one horizontal. This is what will create your stencil.

Once the tape was placed, draw a grid. The unusual shape of the mask can cause you to miss symmetry and proportions.

Draw your shape on your mask by using the grid.

Once your design is ready, you can enlarge the lines with a felt pen for easier cutting .

Carefully cut out your stencil keeping the tape where it is supposed to be stay BLACK! (you are creating the negative picture, reversing the colors is a common mistake)

3. Painting

First remove the padded linen from inside your mask. Then insert a A4 paper sheet in the mask to protect the inner side.

Use the paint spray on the outter side of the ask. Don't be over generous, the paint must not obstruct the mesh or you won't be able to see anything.

Wait 15 minutes for the paint to dry and then remove the masking tape and enjoy your work

PS: Thank you very much to Michel Vollaro for his help and pictures