Parrying dagger


Parrying dagger, also known as “Main-gauche”, it is held in the weak hand in complement of a rapier or a sidesword

  • Long and narrow blade wit folded tip for more safety
  • Curved guard to capture the opponent’s blade
  • Protective ring on the guard
  • Leather grip
  • 1 year warranty

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The “Main gauche” is a parrying dagger used in the weak hand while the strong hand holds a rapier or a sidesword.


It appears from the middle of the 16th century and is mainly used for blocking opponent attacks. It can also be used for if the opportunity arises.


This model forged by Regenyei Armory and provided with a curved guard making it easier to trap the adversary's blade and is also provided with a protective ring on the upper side


Regenyei Armoury :

peter2.jpgThis sword has been forged by Péter Regenyei known as one of the today's best blacksmiths. Based in Hungary and practicing HEMA, his work is based on historical sources. Size, weight and balance are similar to the ones used by XVI century sword fencers.

"Every time I make a sword I look for the same feeling one can experience wielding a museal piece or a high quality modern replica. A good sword is light, delicate and moves effortlessly."

Data sheet

Length52 cm
Blade length36.5 cm
Balance point0.5 cm
Weight510 g
Material51CrV4 spring steel

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