Black Fencer Cup-Hilt Rapier


Designed from the spanish rapiers of the XVII century, this synthetic sword has a cup hilt guard in stainless steel.

Model V4 with long blade

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Black fencerMade in Spain, the "Black Fencer" wasters have quickly acquired a solid reputation for both manufacturing and reliability qualities of their swords. Although mostly made of nylon; there provide weight and balance very close to steel weapons.


The steel sword is the most reliable tool for Historical Fencing training, but it is also the most dangerous one. With a nylon tool, the impact surface is greater, so the damage is greatly reduced. This quality let us to fight with more intent and power without the implicit danger of injury of the steel sword.


Those new waster designs have been made with special attention to the balance and weight distribution, seeking for a real sword mass distribution, a key aspect not fully achieved by other waster sellers.

With a flexible performance, nylon doesn't bounce when the blade hits the opponent's blade, as it happens with steel swords


Unlike other synthetic materials, nylon is very resistant when get hit with another nylon waster, and it would be safe to affirm that, with minimal maintenance, it can lasts for a lot of years.

V2 Improvements :

  • Finishings with Permanent attachments. Wasters are made of a single piece and all attachments are now permanents
  • Optional protection pieces to the ending points of the steel guard, permanently attached so they can't come off the guard.
  • Pommel is now attached permanently with a slotted pin, so it is impossible for the pommel to turn around himself or even come off the handle, creating a solid, comfortable and quality structure.
  • Refined overall finishing
  • High quality durable and comfortable cord handle
  • Reinforced guard, not rounded nylon base guard of for high impact resistance

Video : Flexibility test

Data sheet

Blade length109cm
Thickness1.7 cm ~ 1 cm
Balance point1.5cm

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