Arming sword I.33 “Full-contact"


An accurate reproduction of the one-handed swords appearing in Codex I.33, this is the ideal weapon for studying sword and buckler techniques.

  • Full-contact model, with flat blade and wide edges that better support blade contacts
  • Folded tip for more safety when thrusting
  • Designed according to historical sources
  • 1 year warranty

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This one-handed sword whose shape is inspired by codex I33 is an perfect tool for studying  sword and buckler techniques. It have been forged by Péter regenyei who is known as one of the best swordsmith.

The FC models (for Full Contact) have a flat blade and blunt cutting edges as on the federschwerts. This type of blade allows for more engaged contact with the opponent's blade without fear of damaging the sword edge

Straight steel guard 5mm thick and measuring 16cm wide.

The handle is made of wood, coated with black leather.

The round pommel is made of solid steel. Its shape allows a good grip and its weigh helps improving the balance of the sword.

Regenyei Armoury :

This sword has been forged by Péter Regenyei known as one of the today's best blacksmiths. Based in Hungary and practicing HEMA, his work is based on historical sources. Size, weight and balance are similar to the ones used by XVI century sword fencers.

"Every time I make a sword I look for the same feeling one can experience wielding a museal piece or a high quality modern replica. A good sword is light, delicate and moves effortlessly."

Data sheet

Blade length81cm
Guard width16cm
Blade width1,5cm ~ 4.3cm
Balance point9.5cm

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