HEMA Starter Pack - One handed

This starter pack contains all you need to begin in HEMA :

  • fencing mask 350N
  • protective padded glovesd'AMHE rembourrés
  • "Rawlings" one handed waster

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This set is designed to allow HEMA beginners to quickly equip with suitable material.

All equipment included have been selected for their excellent quality. The basic package includes all you need to start but you can choose between several models of gloves and simulators.

Feel free to seek advice from club members to find out which is best suited for you

Fencing mask 350N

Masque d'escrime 350NFencing mask for Historical European Martial Arts.

• Bib resistant to 350 Newton
• Strong mesh
• Detachable and washable linen
• Bavette de protection

Padded linen ensures more comfort and security and may be removed to be washed.

Behind the mask, metallic tongue and a Velcro strip ensure perfect adjustment to your head.
A properly fitted mask should fit the face without any empty space neither compressing your throat.

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Protective gloves

The padded gloves are the basic model which will be perfect for most training. You can also choose between three other model according to the protective level you are looking for.


HEMA Glovesleather gloves

HEMA Gloves

Leather Gloves

Kevlar Gloves

Red dragon Gloves





Protection: ★★★★☆Protection: ★★☆☆☆Protection: ★★★☆☆Protection: ★★★★☆
Handiness: ★★★☆☆Handiness: ★★★★★Handiness: ★★★★★Handiness: ★★★★☆

Synthetic waster


The basic pack includes a "rawlings" longsword, one of the most famous synthetic wasters and the most used around the HEMA community. The blase is available in three different colors : white, grey or black. This sword is Le pack standard inclus une épée longue "Rawlings", un des simulateurs les plus répandus et les plus apprécié par les pratiquant d'AMHE. La lame est disponible en 3 couleur : blanc, gris ou noir. Eaxch part of this sword is removable allowing you to improve gradually including the guard and pommel ProLine steel that significantly improve the weapon balance.

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Black fencer

You can also choose a federschwert "Black Fencer", the most serious competitor to Rawlings swords that has established itself quickly on the market with a high quality simulator. Not only longer, the blade is also more rigid which allows a more realistic blade contact. Steel guard and  steel pommel are included that offers the weapon a very good balance and resistance.

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Advice: If your are joining an existing HEMA club already equiped with waster, you should ask them for advice on the kind of sword to buy.

Size chart :


Mesurer son tour de têteMeasure around your head vertically through the top of the skull and under the chin. 

Head girth (cm)5354555657585960616263646566676869707172


Taille de main

  Measure the length of your hand from the crease of the wrist to the top of the middle finger.

HEMA, Leather and Kevlar glovesSMLXL
Red Dragon gloves onlySL

Reminder: If you've got the wrong size, simply return the product in good condition and we will exchange it for free.

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