I.33 Pack : Sword and buckler

This pack contains :

  • a synthetic one handed sword
  • a medieval buckler

Cold Steel Buckler is unavailable due to production issues. The delay can extend over months

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The I.33 bundle is designed for already equiped HEMA fencers who wishes to start working the medieval buckler techniques.

As the others sets, this one is configurable so you can choose between many sword and buckler models.

Feel free to ask advice to the members of your club about which equipement is the best suited for your practice.

One handed sword


The standard package includes a one handed sword "Rawlings", one of the most used waster and most appreciated by the HEMA community. The blade is available in 3 colors: white, gray or black. This sword is completely removable allowing you to gradually improve with steel guard and pommel to improve the weapon balance.

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Black fencer

You can also choose a one handed "Black Fencer", the most serious competitor to Rawlings swords that has established itself quickly on the market with a high quality simulator. Not only longer, the blade is also more rigid which allows a more realistic blade contact. Steel guard and  steel pommel are included that offers the weapon a very good balance and resistance.

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bocle cold steel

Cold Steel synthetic Buckler

This reproduction designed and manufactured by Cold Steel is stoutly made and has a thick, sturdy, raised boss to protect the hand, and a rugged handle that will withstand plenty hard of use.

The handle, secured by two nuts provides excellent grip.
The "umbo" (bossed part) is large enough to allow the handle even with a glove.

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bocle medieval

I33 wooden Buckler

Light and handy, it offers an excellent compromise for sword and buckler fighting

The "umbo" steel is securely riveted to a plate of 5 layers plywood

At the rear an handle 2cm diameter polished wood provides good grip and facilitates rotation in hand.

The edge of the shield is protected by a strip of leather that prevents the wood to be damaged by the sword.

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