Rawlings Long Sword

The most famous synthetic sparring long sword

  • Made in the U.K.
  • Designed for Sparring & Drilling
  • Based on real historical design
  • Blades available in Silver , Black & White

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Construction d'une épée synthétique Rawling

Swords have been called “the Swiss Army Knife” of the Historical European Martial Arts world. The clever design allows for a multitude of different combinations of parts and colours to allow you to “create” the sword of your choice.

They are constructed from our own special blend of high impact plastic and can be used like a waster for Drilling and Pell Work and can also be used for Sparring (with appropriate protection).

The Blades are designed to flex in the last 1/3 of their length towards the tip allowing for much safer thrusting than with conventional wooden wasters or shinai. The blade/tang joint (traditionally a weak point) is reinforced by a high tensile steel rod running along the full length of the handle. This also removes any flex in the handle traditionally associated with plastic training swords.

The Standard Guard is constructed from reinforced high impact plastic. The ball shaped quillons are designed for safety when sparring (large surface area = less chance of being impaled). They are modelled using the same dimensions as seen on an existing 15th Century Longsword. This is a nice example of a historical design that helps us with safe sparring.

The grips are manufactured from a rubber-like thermoplastic elastomer designed to absorb the impact of strikes as they are transmitted along the blade. They are designed to slide off the Sword's tang with relative ease and will compress for a tight fit.

The Pommel is constructed from high impact plastic. This provides our swords with excellent balance and makes them safer than metal pommels for pommel strikes. A brass nut is moulded into the pommel to provide a tight metal on metal joint to the tang.

The swords can be taken apart easily by unscrewing the pommel. This not only makes transporting them easy – it also allows you to customise your sword with our range of interchangeable parts (available separately).

A synthetic sword without steel fittings weighs about 2/3 of the weight of a real sword. This is designed to lower the impact when sparring. The weight is kept back towards the hilt further lessening this impact. They are very well balanced and are heavier than most wooden wasters on the market.

Rawlings  swords is manufactured in the U.K to the highest quality. They are constructed from reinforced high impact plastic (U.K. sourced for quality control) unlike the cheaper inferior plastics used by other manufacturers.

We use recycled materials when available. Whilst this does not reflect in the quality of the product it does lessen the impact on the planet.

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Data sheet

Blade length96.5cm
Guard width30cm
Balance point15cm


Kin c 07/20/2019

Love the sword, and how to customize it

Loving this long sword! The quillion do get bend out of shape after a few good hit, but whats lovely about it is how parts can be swapped out.
But question is.
What size is that brass nut used in the pommel? It seems to be slightly bigger than a 3/16nut

    John C 05/26/2015

    Très bon matériel .

    Très bon matériel, nécessitant un minimum de protection (gant et masque) pour le sparring. Dimensions, qualité, poids, souplesse pour travailler les estocs en sécurité, rien à redire. L'équilibrage est correct et peut être amélioré avec les gardes et pommeaux en acier.

      Franck D 02/28/2015

      Parfait pour débuter avec un équipement léger.

      Les épées Nylon sont parfaite pour débuter avec gants et masque du pack AMHE de fait d'arme. Attention néanmoins, en cas de sparring, ça peut faire mal surtout sur les mains, les gants étant un peu léger et présentant des faiblesses (bouts des doigts et tranchant de la main côté pouce). On peut leur reprocher un petit côté trop flexible avec la progression, au fur et à mesure des achats, du niveau de sécurité octroyé par le matériel qui permet de sparrer plus vigoureusement mais cette flexibilité assure la sécurité en cas d'estoc lorsque l'on ne dispose que du pack AMHE. Par la suite, il vaut mieux s'orienter sur une Federschwert "Black Fencer" ou une Federschwert "Regenyei" suivant vos moyens.

        Matt Easton Schola Gladiatoria -UK 10/20/2014

        Developed by HEMA practitioners for HEMA practitioners

        The new synthetic swords have been developed by HEMA practitioners for HEMA practitioners, using our experience of the last decade of training and competition. They behave more like original steel swords than other plastic swords, and they handle more like antique swords than many of the steel replicas out there. Being plastic, they offer far greater safety than steel weapons. This increased safety, coupled with realism, should enable us to take our arts to the next level, particularly in competitive bouting.

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          Rawlings Long Sword

          Rawlings Long Sword

          The most famous synthetic sparring long sword

          • Made in the U.K.
          • Designed for Sparring & Drilling
          • Based on real historical design
          • Blades available in Silver , Black & White

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